A Geology and Fossil Walk led by Ken Brooks

Following from his excellent talk at our April meeting, Ken Brooks will lead a walk  on Sunday 22nd June along the beach at Holywell.

Ken was a schoolteacher and adult educator who specialised in history and geology. He feels that a little knowledge of local geology can add much to our enjoyment and understanding of the landscape around us. During the walk we will look at the evidence provided by rock structures and fossils from the Cretaceous, 145 to 165 million years ago. This will include the fossils of a marine environment which eventually produced the spectacular chalk cliffs we see today.

Meet at Holywell Cafe, seafront below Helen Gardens, Duke’s Drive on Sunday 22nd June at 10.00 am

Members free       Visitors: donations welcome              

For details contact : Robin Reffell 01323 – 648226