What do we do?

  • Where appropriate we run archaeological surveys and excavations to enhance our knowledge of the history of  Eastbourne and its environs. We record our findings for inclusion in the Historic Environment Record and for public information.
  • We publish reports on excavations, surveys, local history and  archaeological matters. These can be purchased from ENHAS.
  • We run a series of talks during the winter months on a variety of  archaeological topics concentrating where possible on local sites and issues.
  • We assist in the setting up of archaeological displays and  exhibitions.
  • We run events during the annual Festival of Archaeology organised by the Council for British Archaeology and aimed particularly at introducing archaeology to young people.
  • We arrange walks of an archaeological and historical nature.
  • Members support Eastbourne Borough Council’s Museum Service by working on the large archaeological collection.
  • The Society has an extensive reference library which will be available through the local museum.
  •  We assist Eastbourne Borough Council and Wealden District Council in the planning process by identifying planning applications that may have an archaeological implication and monitoring these on site. This is done by way of Watching Brief condition imposed by the planning authority.